Midnight Phantom

2288. MIDNIGHT PHANTOM (1935-usa). WITH Reginald denny, Claudia dell, LLOYD HUGHES, AL ST. JOHN. Police lieutenant Dan Burke loves Diane Sullivan. She’s the daughter of the City Police Chief, a stern and controversial man who has made many enemies both outside and inside the police force. “He’s got a whole department boiling,” observes one of his cops. “There’s a dozen fellas who would like to be pallbearers at his funeral.” Chief Sullivan would rather Diane wed the dapper and brilliant criminologist Professor David Graham, but has consented to her marrying Dan. The lieutenant goes out on a case in which he finds himself pursuing some bank robbers. To his dismay he learns that his younger half-brother Johnny is one of the thieves. Johnny dies in Dan’s arms after a shootout; the latter is certain to find trouble when he attempts to conceal his kin’s identity. That trouble comes when Chief Sullivan insists that Diane sever their engagement. For this reason Dan is sure to be a prime suspect when Sullivan is murdered. In fact he is one of a room-full of suspects. You will never guess the police chief’s real killer in this neat, ironic whodunit 58 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense