Miracle Rider, The

669. THE MIRACLE RIDER (1935-USA). 15 Episode Mascot Serial. With TOM MIX, JEAN GALE, CHARLES MIDDLETON, JASON ROBARDS, BLACK HAWK, CHIEF STANDING BEAR, TONY JR. (the horse!). Tom Mix’s last film, Mascot’s last I5 episode serial (and the most profitable serial the company ever made!). An effective mixture of traditional Cowboys and Indians and science adventure. Historically starting in the days of Dan’l Boone and Davy Crockett, the story moves to the “present” a Captain of the Texas Rangers sets out to protect the Ravenhead Indians from unscrupulous l speculators who want their land. Invisible rays and radio-controlled gliders prove no match for two-fisted Tom. 306 minutes. Serial