Miss Polly And Niagara Falls

2716. MISS POLLY and NIAGARA FALLS (1941-USA). Wth ZASU PITTS, SLIM SUMMERVILLE, TOM BROWN, CHESTER CLUTE, KATHLEEN HOWARD, ELYSE KNOX. Produced by HAL ROACH. Hal Roach was the genius behind countless short and feature comedies. However, he also produced a series of “Streamlined Features”; films that were forty-odd minutes in length (making them loo long to be considered shorts and too short to qualify as features). Here are two very different, but equally hilarious “Streamlined Features.” First on the bill is “Miss Polly,” which is set in the small town of Midville where nothing is up to date. Girls and women dress in 1890’s-style clothes, Dancing, late movies and strolling in the park have been outlawed. The culprit is the local civic league and, in particular, one Minerva Snodgrass. Poopy old Minerva is the worst snoop in Midville. She minds everyone else’s business but her own. Unlike Minerva, there is no better-liked nor more respected person in town than Miss Polly. She attempts to aid and abet two young lovebirds, the shy and compliant Barbara (whose mother is none other than Minerva) and Eddie. Slim Summerville is a riot as Miss Polly’s hilariously inept gardener, who invents the most outrageous Rube Goldberg-like contraptions. His theft-proof mailbox alone is worth the price of admission. “Niagara Falls” also features Pitts and Summerville. They are cast in this fast-paced slapslick as Emmy and Sam Sawyer, two oldsters who, after heaven knows how long, have finally decided to tie the knot and head off for a Niagara Falls honeymoon. It’s just a few days past their arrival, and Sam is set to commit suicide by diving into the Falls. How did he come to such a desperate action? Listen as he relates his story. Furthermore, if you blink, you’ll miss some clever animated effects. 96 minutes total Comedy