Missing Corpse, The

2693. THE MISSING CORPSE (1945-USA). With J. EDWARD BROMBERG, ISABEL RANDOLPH, FRANK JENKS. Farce and melodrama comfortably mix in this astutely devised and neatly original combination comedy-thriller. It starts off as a whimsical comedy about wealthy newspaper publisher Henry Kruger and his self-centered and overly pampered family. One morning, Kruger wakes up to find the name and picture of his daughter Phyllis plastered across the front page of The Argus, a rival tabloid. It seems that she had been involved in a nightclub brawl the previous evening. Her escort just so happened lo have been one of The Argus’ ink-stained wretches, so Kruger is convinced that Phyllis was set up. He storms into the office of the Argus’ publisher, whom he then very publicly threatens to kill. Kruger’s nemesis appears to be more of a gangster type than a journalist. Before you can say “stop the presses,” he is murdered by one of his shady underlings. Not only is Kruger the likeliest suspect, but he is shocked to discover the corpse of the deceased stuffed in the trunk of his car! What an entertaining time you will have as you watch poor Henry Kruger attempt to deal with this deadly double-edged predicament. 60 minutes. Comedy-Mystery