Molly And Lawless John

2991. MOLLY and LAWLESS JOHN (1971-USA) COLOR. With VERA MILES, SAM ELLIOTT, CLU GULAGER. A pair of gunshots ring out, shattering the silence of a sleepy western town. Two bandits have just completed a daring hold-up and are attempting to escape amid a barrage of bullets. They are chased by a sheriff and his posse and what happens next is a classic case of dishonor among thieves. The robber with the upper hand is Johnny Lawler…but he soon is captured by his pursuers and thrown into jail. With certainty, Johnny will be judged guilty of robbery and murder and find himself swinging from the end of a rope. Onto the scene comes his possible savior. She is Molly Parker, the sheriffs repressed and love-starved wife. Molly has long been at the mercy of her thoughtlessly cruel husband. She sees within Johnny the potential for goodness and offers him not only sympathy, but an opportunity to escape. Molly is compassionate, subservient and sexually repressed while John is bratty, manipulative and gloriously sexual. Will Molly’s kindness touch and transform Johnny, or is he plotting to use and then discard her once he has gotten past the Mexican border and found a safe haven? This is not so much a western adventure as a forceful and sharply observed character study with distinct feminist overtones. Veteran star Vera Miles offers a strong performance as Molly. 97 minutes. Western