Monte Carlo Nights

2421. MONTE CARLO NIGHTS (1934-USA). With MARY BRIAN, JOHN DARROW, GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES. A handsome young man and pretty young woman meet at a racetrack. He is Larry Sturgis, renown playboy and all-around “notorious young rascal” who passes his time gambling and running around with chorus girls. She is Mary Vernon, whom the gossip columnists call “little Mary of the Vernon millions.” Several obstacles hamper their impending romance. Mary’s stuffy, man-hating Aunt Emma fills her ear with much negative talk regarding Larry’s womanizing past. Larry attempts to dump his latest girlfriend, a mink coat-loving golddigger who thought she had him hooked like a hungry fish that is being lured by a juicy worm. This dame is not shy about resorting to blackmail. These hindrances prove insignificant when compared to what happens next. Larry finds himself in the wrong place at the right time and ends up being accused of murdering a gambling house proprietor. “I’ve seen men go to the chair on less evidence,” he is told. What will Larry do? How will he prove his innocence? Coming to his aid are the ever- loving and loyal Mary and wily Inspector Ned Gunby, who are convinced Larry is the victim of a clever frame-up. The result is one diverting and entertaining combination mystery-drama-romance, which comes to a most thrilling conclusion in exotic Monte Carlo. 61 minutes. Drama