Murder At Midnight

1401. MURDER AT MIDNIGHT (1931-usa). WITH Aileen Pringle, Alice White, Hale Hamilton. The time is the stroke of twelve and a man discovers his wife in the arms of her lover. He shoots him dead, at point blank range: a bulls-eye, right through the heart. It’s a shocking, horrifying crimeÉ but the scene is interrupted by applause. The “murder” is only a performance, a chararle game, an amusement for several society folk. Yet the victim of the crime, it turns out, is really dead. The gun with which he was shot was supposedly loaded with blanks but someone replaced them with real bullets. Which of the black tie and evening gown-clad guests is responsible? Perhaps, instead, it’s the butler? Or maybe the maid was involved? The police have barely arrived on the scene when another shot rings out, and another man-the one who fired the first bulletÑlies dead. As the bodies pile up of the cops observes, “This isn’t a murder case. It’s an epidemic.” You’ll never guess the real culprit in this jealousy plotted mystery! 64 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense