Murder In Harlem

2521. MURDER IN HARLEM (Lem Hawkins’ Confession) (Brand Of Cain) (1935-USA). With CLARENCE BROOKS, BEE FREEMAN. Directed, produced and written by OSCAR MICHEAUX. A black night watchman walking through a chemical factory on his midnight rounds makes a startling discovery. Lying on the floor is the dead body of employee Myrtle Stanfield. Two notes lay next to the corpse. One reads, “He tell me lay down like night witch.” The other says, “The tall Negro did this. He will try to lay it on the night.” Here is an engrossing account of a horrendous crime, as interpreted by celebrated black filmmaker Oscar Micheaux. After the night watchman is arrested as a murder suspect, his sister Claudia Vance teams up with her lawyer-friend Henry Glory to investigate the clues that exist in order to hunt down the concealed evidence. Together, they are able to recreate the various events that transpired on the day Myrtle was killed. This leads to their extracting a telling confession from an unlikely source. Their intriguing odyssey toward the truth results in a spellbinding whodunit. 96 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense