Murder Mansion, The

2706. THE MURDER MANSION (1970-ltaly-Spain) COLOR. Various travelers who are journeying through the countryside find themselves mysteriously losing their way in a thick and ominous fog. Their vehicles are taking wrong turns and then skidding off the road. All find themselves stuck for the night in an eerie old mansion, which seems to be the lone occupied dwelling in an otherwise abandoned village. The proprietress soon reveals herself, and she is a strange one indeed. She tells her “guests” the bizarre and terrifying story of how the village came to be deserted. Many years earlier, a mysterious epidemic had befallen the town. All of its victims ended up dying after their throats were bitten by a vampire who summarily drained their blood! Things do not in any way improve when the proprietress adds that her aunt, whose portrait hangs in the room in which all are gathered, was reportedly a witch. The visitors are soon startled by strange and unworldly noises. Have they somehow “crossed the frontier between the real and the unreal?” What will be their fate, both collectively and individually? You will be riveted to the screen as they are subjected to a series of happenings that are at once strange, creepy and awfully bloody. Dubbed in English. 85 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense