Murder With Pictures

2267. MURDER WITH PICTURES (1936-usa). WITH Lew Ayres, Gail Patrick, Joy COMPTON, PAUL KELLY. Enter the exciting world of criminals who cheat, steal and murder in cold blood, and the flatfoots and reporters who follow their crooked trails until the truth is revealed and justice is done. Nate Girard is a racketeering oil promoter on trial for murder. He escapes “the hot squat” because there is no known motive. When the acquittal is announced, cocky young newspaÂper photographer Kent Murdoch scoops the other journalists. What he cannot understand is why Girard and his “four-flushing little shyster lawyer” are so glum. He remarks, “You’re the saddest looking group of courtroom victors I ever sprayed a lens at,” Are they troubled by the presence of a suspicious fellow who sat in the courtroom during the trail? Did the sudden appearance of a beautiÂful mystery woman named Nutmeg Archer dampen their victory? Murdoch begins investigating a series of murders, which follows and along the way cannot avoid entanglements with “skirts.” White he already may have a delectable but gold-digging fiancŽe; his romantic interest in Nutmeg is awakÂened when she hides in his shower one night. In this entertainment-packed mystery events unfold at a blood-quickening pace with a screwball sense of humor. 71 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense