Musica Proibita

281. MUSICA PROIBITA (1943-ltaly). With TITO GOBBI, MARIA MERCADER. A haunting tale of romance, murder, revenge and the strange twists of fate-spanning two generations and filled with passionate emotions. Everything seems to be going well for Giulio, the son of a renowned opera tenor. He’s about to debut as a conductor, and is in love with a beautiful woman. But when his fiancŽe brings him home, her grandmother-upon hearing him sing one of his father’s songs (the ‘Forbidden Music* of the film’s title) and learning his name- abruptly tells him to leave. A poignant flashback reveals that many years earlier, she had wanted to marry the boy’s father, Paolo. But her family forbade (heir romance and even tried to ruin his career, to defiance, she decided to elope with him, but that night her brother was brutally killed. Blaming Paolo (unjustly), she vowed never to see him again-and now this hatred must extend to her granddaughter and Giulio. Paolo makes an unexpected and dramatic visit, and, after he straightens out the events of that fateful night, romance is rekindled in both couples. A well-crafted, engrossing Italian melodrama from the relatively unknown (and, as it now appears, underrated) period just before Neorealism look over. In Italian with English subtitles. 93 minutes. Musical Drama