2858. MUTINY (1952-USA) COLOR. With MARK STEVENS, ANGELA LANSBURY, PATRIC KNOWLES, GENE EVANS. Directed by EDWARD DMYTRYK. Music composed and directed by DIMITRI TIOMKIN. The United States has recently won its independence in the Revolutionary War, but the British are unwilling to accept defeat American sailors are being dragged from their ships and pressed into the British military, never again to see their loved ones. Thus, begins the War of 1812. Captain Jim Marshall is the master of the Concord, an American sailing ship. He has won a reputation as a stalwart seafarer who “can carry more sail in rougher weather than any master afloat.” A group of French citizens has arranged to lend the United States $10 million. So, President Madison has ordered a ship to set sail for Le Havre. That ship will be the Concord. It is certain to be a perilous journey, as a British fleet sits outside Salem Harbor waiting to intercept the Concord. For his second-in-command Marshall attempts to recruit Ben Waldridge, a controversial character and former ship’s master who recently was mustered out of the navy. Marshall appeals to Waldridge to take the job. He agrees to do so, but only if he is allowed to bring along his own crew. They are a rowdy lot who are certain to cause difficulty once they leam the true purpose of the Concord’s voyage across the Atlantic. Add to the mix a most unlikely passenger: the fiery and egocentric Leslie, Waldridge’s shrewish lover. The result is a spirited and thrilling historical drama-adventure whose characters find themselves entangled in a web of greed, lust and treachery. 77 minutes. Adventure