Mystery Liner

2370. MYSTERY LINER (1934-usA). With Noah Beery, Astrid Allyn (Allwyn), Gustav von Seyffertitz, RALPH LEWIS, ZEFFIE TILBURY, GEORGE (GABBY) HAYES. Based on a novel by EDGAR WALLACE. Professor Grimson holds the formula to a secret weapon, which could turn the tide of a war. It is a small tube called the “S-505” which can control a ship’s movements by radio from laboratory many miles away. The ocean liner “Godfrey” will be the first ship to experiment with the “S-505.” Before the ship even reaches the twelve-mile limit, a murder is attempted and an international spy ring sets out to steal the “S-505.” Onboard with the inventor and his tube are a most amazing group of characters, one of whom is a spy. Could it be Captain Downey or Chief Mate Rogers, who just so happen to hate one another? Both love the same young woman, a pretty nurse named Miss Kane. Perhaps the spy is Miss Kane. Or maybe it is Simms, a demoted cabin steward. Then there Granny Plimpton (played with vitality by Zeffie Tilbury), a fun-loving dowager who apparently on wants to drink and party. Von Kessling is the continental type, sophisticated and shrewd. Major Pope a private investigator who has joined the cruise to locate a mystery killer. Even more suspicious is Captain Hollings, the true commander of the “Godfrey” who has gone mad from a voodoo hex. Has he secretly reboarded his ship, or is he a ghostly presence? Even a ghost might be freighted the berserk goings-on in this action-packed mystery-thriller at sea. Western lovers also will want NOTE THE PRESENCE OF A BEARDLESS GABBY HAYES, CAST in A SMALL ROLE AS ONE OF The crewmen. Caution the last half of the film contains an annoying buzz in the soundtrack. 62 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense