Mystery Of The Double Cross

2221. MYSTERY OF THE DOUBLE CROSS (1917-USA). 15 Episode Pathe Serial. With MOLLIE KING, LEON BARY. Returning to America from Europe on board an ocean liner are two characters who will play crucial roles in this fascinating and unusual serial (which is sub-headed “The Feature Serial Of Perils and Love”). One is Peter Hale, ever-cheerful gentleman of leisure. The other is a mystery woman known aboard ship as “the lady in number seven.” All the passengers are gossiping about her idenlity. Peter becomes determined to solve this mystery. While he is unsuccessful in his endeavor, he does chance to notice a double cross tattooed on her arm. Upon arriving in New York, Peter learns of a strange condition in his father’s will: In order to secure the elder Hale’s fortune, Peter must marry the girl branded with the double cross! Enter Philippa Brewster, daughter of his father’s old friend. Peter comes to believe that in her he has found the girl so marked. He also makes a dangerous enemy in one Bridgey Bentley (described as a “gangster and society pet”) and finds himself thwarted by a strange man garbed in a mask. Is Philippa really the “Girl With the Double Cross?” Who is this mysterious masked stranger and what does he want? What role will Bentley end up playing amid all the intrigue? You’ll find all this out as you watch this absorbing serial. “Silent” film with music score. 343 minutes. “Silent” Serial