Mystery Plane

2349. MYSTERY PLANE (1939-usa). WITH John Trent, Marjorie Reynolds, Millburn STONE, JASON ROBARDS SR. Popular comic strip character Tailspin Tommy comes to life in this crackerjack adventure that is loaded with impressive aerial photography and stunt work. The story opens in 1923, in the small town of Jefferson City. Captain Brandy Rand is a famed World War I ace who no longer has a war to fight. He now earns his keep by barnstorming cross-country and stunt flying. Rand puts on a show in Jefferson City where his aerial acrobatics further stir the imagination of his Number One fan, young Tommy Tompkins. Tommy gets to meet and spend a bit of time with Rand, resulting in the boy’s determination to take up flying as a profession. The years zip by. It is now 1938 and Tommy (now known as “Tailspin Tommy”) has indeed become a flyer. He supports himself by piloting mail out of a struggling independently owned airport. More importantly, he and his pal Skeeter have invented a device, which utilizes radio beams to improve the bombing accuracy of airplanes in wartime. Tommy and Skeeter are willing to offer their invention to the United StatesÕ government. However, a profiteer named Winslow concocts a devious scheme to first steal it a” then sell it to America’s enemies. “You have something we need and we intend to get it,” a deterÂmined Winslow tells Tommy. Also playing a significant role in the story is a now-older Brandy Rand, who has changed quite a bit in the fifteen years since he had impacted so strongly on Tommy. 61 minutes. Aviation Drama