Nancy Drew, Reporter

2296. NANCY DREW…REPORTER (1939-USA). WITH Bonita Granville, john Litel. Perky Bonita Granville plays Nancy Drew, America’s most famous fictional teenage girl detective, in this fast-paced whodunit. The adventure begins when the River Heights Tribune offers several high school journalists the opportunity to write stories for a real newspaper. Nancy is one of the budding scribes, and this allows her the chance to investigate the murder of a wealthy dowager. Nancy’ journalism textbook states that “a newspaper man or woman will stop at nothing to get news.Ó With that thought in mind, she and her sidekick Ted Nickerson go after a mystery man with a caulk ear to locate a tin box. Inside is a poisonous chemical called sodium ferranide. The tin is one piece of evidence needed to save the young woman unjustly accused of the crime, and to pinpoint the real murderer. Displaying more moxie than most seasoned journalists, Nancy and Ted defy danger as they attempt lo nab the killer. 68 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense