Nazi War Crime Trials

905. NAZI WAR CRIME TRIALS (1945-USA, USSR). Five newsreels, a theatrical trailer and a documentary from the Soviet Union, dealing with the Nuremberg Trials. Goering, von Papen, Hess, Schacht, Streicher, Keitel and other high ranking Nazis and German military officers are seen. These films contain scenes of hangings and executions by firing squads that are not for the squeamish.
1. NUREMBERG – THE HITLER GANG GOES ON TRIAL. RKO-Pathe News. DWIGHT WEIST reporting on the start of the Nazi War Crime Trials.
2. GUILTY! YAMASHITA SENTENCED BY AMERICAN COURT. RKO-Pathe News. DWIGHT WEIST describes scenes of the trial of “The Tiger of Malaya”, the first Jap to be tried for war crimes.
3. DEATH! A NAZI WAR CRIMINAL PAYS FOR HIS CRIME. RKO-Pathe News, JACKSON BECK announcing. Brutal scenes of the execution of a Nazi who killed an American airman (by bashing his head in with a rock) after the airman had parachuted to safety.
4. ITALY – FIRST NAZI GENERAL SHOT FOR WAR CRIME. RKO-Pathe News. DWIGHT WEIST describes the firing squad execution of General Anton Dossler,
5. JUSTICE – EIGHT “LITTLE NAZIS” ARE EXECUTED. RKO-Pathe News. ANDRE BARUCH narrates the hanging of five Nazis for war crimes and the shooting of three German spies captured behind the American lines.
6. NINE MEN IN HELL. Theatrical trailer for “A true and authentic presentation of the Nuremberg Trials”. “The greatest landmark of Justice in all recorded history!”
7. THE NUREMBERG TRIALS. Art-Kino Films – USSR, in English. “A film document of the trial of the principal German war criminals”. A highly prejudiced series of portraits of the defendants, intercut with newsreel footage taken of them while they were in power and a brief history of the war. “Let the Nuremberg Trial be a warning to all Warmongers; let it serve the cause of world-wide peaceÑof an enduring and democratic peace”. In total, an authentic if somewhat grisly portrait of the fate of the remaining Nazis after World War II. 67 minutes total. Newsreel Documentary