Neath The Arizona Skies

2471. ‘NEATH THE ARIZONA SKIES (1934-USA). With JOHN WAYNE, YAKIMA CANUTT, GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES. Action star john Wayne rides tall in the saddle in this lightning-paced Western melodrama. He appears as good-hearted Chris Morrell. Chris is surrogate father to a halfbreed tot named Nina, who is entitled to an oil claim worth $50,000 from her deceased Indian mother. The plot unfolds in the office of a U.S. Indian agent who tells Chris he must identify and locate the father who abandoned Nina in infancy. Not until then will Nina be able to obtain the inheritance, nor will Chris be able to become her legal guardian. Chris intends to search for Nina’s “good-for-nothing white man” father in order to claim the money. When a member of Sam Black’s gang overhears that a fortune is to be had by claiming guardianship of Nina, Black and his cronies try to kidnap the child. Chris and Nina flee on horseback, thus launching a rough- and-tumble series of adventures. Together they ride the long and dusty path to find her lost father and evade their villainous pursuers. Throughout the ordeal, Chris and little Nina withstand countless dangers, but eventually become targets in a climactic frenzied gunfight. Theirs is a thrilling escapade you will not soon forget! 53 minutes. Western