Never Wave At A Wac

1943. NEVER WAVE AT A WAC (1952-usa). WIIH rosaund russell, paul douglas, marie wilson, leif ericson, louise beavers, general omar bradley. Music composed and conducted by elmer bernstein. Anyone who loves a belly-laugh will take to this truly hilariÂous comedy, with Rosalind Russell at her very best playing Jo McBain, “Washington’s most celebratÂed hostess.” You will find Jo at the best D.C. parties, schmoozing with politicians, movie stars and foreign dignitaries (and even bickering with her ex-husband, played by Paul Douglas). Jo becomes jealous Of a rival for the affection Of her boyfriend, a lieutenant colonel who has just been assigned to NATO and is heading for Paris. For this reason, she ups and does the craziest thing: she joins the army! Her father, a United States Senator, will arrange for a commission, and she expects to be joinÂing her guy in the City Of Lights. Of course, Jo assumes that she will start out as a major or captain, and work her way up from there. Only trouble is, her commission fails to come through and she must commence her military career at the very bottom, as a Jowly private. One hilarious sequence follows another, from Jo standing in front Of the White House and exchanging waves with its then-new occuÂpant , Dwight Eisenhower, to her desperately puffing away on a cigarette while undergoing an army physical. As good as Russell is in the role, Marie Wilson almost steals the film as army trainee Clara Schneiderman, a farmer stripper and ex-“Miss COffee Bean” and “Miss Avocado.” When queried as to what she believes she is most suited for in the army, Clara responds, without missing a beat: “Intelligence.” 87 minutes. Comedy