New Faces

2315.NEW FACES (1954-USA) Color. WITH Ronny graham, robert clary, eartha kitt, AUCE GHOSTLEY, PAUL LYNDE, CAROL LAWRENCE. Sketches mostly written by GRAHAM and MELVHN BROOKS. Stage producer LEONARD SILLMAN was noted for the assorted “New Faces” revues he mounted over the decades on Broadway. Each featured top young talent, many of whom went on to forge stellar careers on stage, screen and television. This delightful entertainment is a filmed version of the “New Faces” Sillman had brought to Broadway in 1952. It does feature a plot, centering on an attempt to hold off a creditor until a wealthy backer has the opportunity to see the revue. Mostly however, the film consists of the bubbly musical numbers, elegant and energetic dance routines and clever comedy skits which comprise the show. Each of the performers is given ample opportunity to shine. You will not be able to tear your eyes away from a scantily clad Eartha Kitt as she vamps across the screen and wraps herself around several songs, Ronny Graham and Paul Lynde each impersonate a gallery of comical characters. Robert Clary romps in musical numĂ‚bers surrounded by sexy chorus girls. That’s just for openers. It is fascinating to see all of these stars- to be showing off their talents at the very outset of their careers. At the same time the film captures all of the excitement of what goes on backstage before and during a show. By the way, the “Melvin Brooks” credited with Ronny Graham as the authors of most of the skits was eventually to become better-known as Mel Brooks! Letterboxed. 98 minutes. Musical