New Invisible Man, The

2040. THE NEW INVISIBLE MAN (1957-Mexico). With ARTURO DE CORDOVA. Based on the novel by H.G. WELLS. This absorbing adaptation of Wells’ famed story tells of Charles Hill, an otherwise ordinary man who is an innocent victim of fate. As a result, he is falsely convicted of murÂder and sentenced to a 99-year prison term. Hill’s scientist brother has concocted a special serum, which renders invisible anything with which it comes in contact. The formula has been successfully tried out on various animals and insects. Given Hill’s present and future circumstance, he is the ideal choice for human guinea pig. His brother injects the serum into his body during a prison visit. Upon becoming invisible, Hill easily walks out of jail. “The sensation of seeing and not being seen is so strange,” he observes, Then it dawns on him that he is truly “the only free man in the world.” Invisibility enables Hill to investigate the true circumstances surrounding the crime with which he was falsely convicted-among other pursuits. Some clever special effects add enjoyment to this unusual and entertaining fantasy. Dubbed into English. 86 minutes. Adventure