Night Birds

2410. NIGHT BIRDS (1930-England). With JACK RAINE, MURIEL ANGELUS. A group of siodgy aristocrats are gathered at a London dinner party. As the host begins to make a toast, a person screams and the lights go out. During the fracas which ensues, a knife is thrown across the room. “Put your jewels and pocketbooks on that table,” orders the notorious and mysterious crook known as “Flash Jack.” After he makes his getaway, it is discovered that during the robbery, the butler was murdered. This incredibly exciting, early talkie thriller depicts Scotland Yard’s investigation to determine the identity of this cold-blooded killer and then capture him and his small band of cutthroats. Leading the search is Detective Sergeant Harry Cross (nicely played by British leading man Jack Raine), who is as clever as he is suave and handsome. Clues lead Cross to a hot nightspot and casino called Charlo’s, where he takes a special interest in Dolly. She is the musical star of the club’s revue and has a pair of legs he cannot forget. As the investigation proceeds, a private investigator also becomes involved in finding “Flash Jack.” Will the two detectives join forces to bring the search to a quick resolution or will they trip over each other as they each try to be the first man to trap the mystery killer? The nonstop pace, splendid acting and stylish production make this a standout among early sound motion pictures. Recommended. 86 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense