Night Of Evil

2500. NIGHT OF EVIL (1962-USA). With LISA GAYE, WILLIAM CAMPBELL. This taut drama of tainted innocence opens with fabled syndicated gossip columnist EARL WILSON solemnly declaring that its scenario is “based on newspaper and court records. It is a true story. To protect the innocent, some of the names, places and incidents have been changed.” What follows is the saga of a beautiful, ultra-straight young woman named Dixie Ann Dikes. Dixie Ann may be almost seventeen, but her strict foster parents, as she explains, “think I’m too young to be dating.” One evening, a couple of drunken classmates kidnap and sexually molest her, eventually tossing her out of their car as they would a used candy wrapper. Even though Dixie Ann is the victim, her small-minded step mom wants nothing more to do with her. The authorities have no choice but to send her to “The Holland Home For Girls” until she comes of age. Despite these experiences, Dixie Ann manages to remain a sweet and likable individual, but how much longer can this last? Upon turning 18, she goes out into the world and moves in with a friendly and helpful Holland alumnus who introduces her around. Dixie Ann soon finds herself entering and winning beauty pageants. Perhaps she will be the next Miss Colorado (despite the entire film being shot in Ft. Wayne, Indiana!). Perhaps she might even be the next Miss America, However, as you will see, poor Dixie Ann’s troubles are just beginning. Plenty of peekaboo nudity is scattered throughout this eye-opening production. 83 minutes. Drama