Nolstagia World War II Video Library #2

156. NOSTALGIA WORLD WAR II VIDEO LIBRARY #2 (1942-1943-USA). Produced by the Office of War Information, and by the Signal Corps. The early years of World War II were crucial to the U.S., and these films, designed primarily for men and women of the homefront, reported on the war’s course, and inspired people to work even harder for the war effort.
1. U.S. NEWS REVIEW ISSUE #2 (1942-USA). a) A condemnation of the large amount of unnecessary civilian travel, which hampers troop movement and wastes fuel. “You can help win the war-by staying home!” b) An interesting look at a mobile laundry for frontline troops, showing the complex processes involved in laundering the wash of 7500 men a week, c) Superb footage shows the building and completion of the Alcan Highway, a “1600-miIe weapon of war” linking the U.S. and Alaska, and enabling us to have a closer tie with Russia as well as to strike more easily at Japan, d) Jungle warfare in New Guinea, requiring completely new approaches to camouflage, troop supply, and care for the wounded. “Dont underestimate the Jap… Let’s go ahead with the job of licking them!”
2. U.S. NEWS REVIEW ISSUE #5 (194 2-usA), a) Veronica Lake’s ‘peek-a-boo” hairstyle, emulated by so many women, is shown to be unsuitable for factory work. Miss Lake sets an example by cutting her hair, “to put glamor back in its proper wartime place and face the world with both eyes in the clear.” b) A cartoon demonstrates that unmanned machines at home mean unarmed men at the front. So don’t stay away from work-you’re needed to complete that crucial rifle! c) The large number of women at work means many unsupervised children, leading to juvenile delinquency. The community must take these kids off the streets, so that they will not become “casualties of war.” d) 1000 plane air raid on Bremen. Excellent footage of the June 26,1942 air raid on Nazi Germany. Carrier pigeons were taken along to relay messages back to the base in case of emergency! Sing a long with the Army Air Corps Song, follow the bouncing ball. (‘Off we go, into the wild blue yonder…”), performed over thrilling shots of planes in action. “We live in fame, or go down In flame. Boy, nothting’ll stop the Army Air Corps!”
3. THE CASE OF THE TREMENDOUS TRIFLE (1943-USA). The old story, “For want of a nail the shoe was lost,” is updated in this intriguing “biography of a steel ball.” A mixture of combat footage and dramatizations tells of the ballbearing, a seemingly tnsignificant trifle that is needed for “anything that moves, steers, swims, aims, fires and hits.” Exciting action shots show the daring bombing raid on German ballbearing factories in Schweinfurt. It’s your job to produce more of these tiny but vital parts, “in quantities so that some day your skilled hands will be turned toward peace!” 51 minutes total. Propaganda