Non-Stop New York

2071. NON-STOP NEW YORK (1937-ENGLAND). WITH john Loder, Anna lee, Francis L. SULLIVAN. Directed by ROBERT STEVENSON. Alfred Hitchcock himself could not have done a better job directing this sparkling mile-a-minute adventure-thriller. It spotlights characters of classic Hitchcockian proportion, innocents who find themselves victimized by circumstance and neck- deep in trouble. Jennie Carr is the story’s heroine. She is an English chorus girl who had come to the United States with a touring show which recently had closed in Philadelphia. It is New Year’s Eve and Jennie is not only jobless but penniless; she cannot even afford the price of a ham sandwich in an eatery. A friendly chap called Billy Cowper offers to take her home and feed her. She returns to, his apartment where she promptly discovers a hungry prowler. Jennie can understand his predicaÂment, so she does not rat on him to Cowper. She is next ushered out of the flat by some suspiciously aggressive characters. It seems that Cowper had been the attorney for Hugo Brandt, a cutthroat mobster. He had long been wanting to break free of Brandt and go straight, and has finally decided to take action. This results in Cowper’s cold blooded murder by Brandt and his cohorts. The prowler is promptly arrested and found guilty of the crime. Jennie eventually learns what happened. She can prove the prowler’s innocence, but no one will believe her! What follows is a cleverly scripted entertainment loaded with colorful characters and oodles of intrigue. Some of the best sequences unfold aboard a beautifully designed aircraft which can travel between London and New York in the then unheard-of time of 18 hours! 72 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense