North Of The Border

1477. NORTH OF THE BORDER (1946-usa). With Russell Hayden, Inez Cooper, Douglas FOWLEY, LYLE TALBOT, JACK MULHALL Directed by B. REEVES EASON. Presenting a fast-paced B Western highlighting the heroics of popular cowboy actor Russell Hayden. He’s cast as ‘Utah”, a two-fisted fellow who rides into a dusty Canadian town, where he’s immediately, inexplicably confronted with hostility and suspicion. Utah is supposed to rendezvous with his best friend, a fur trapper, whom he soon discovers has been brutally murdered. Why was his pal killed? Will he be blamed for the crime? How will he uncover the culprits? The cast is sprinkled with familiar faces from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Hayden was both star and supporting player in countless Western features and series. Both Lyle Talbot (cast here as a Canadian Mountie) and Douglas Fowley (who plays the chief villain) appeared in scores of films, usually as heavies. Mulhall (appearing briefly as Talbot’s superior) had a lengthy screen career, dating from 1913. Director B. Reeves (“Breezy”) Eason, one of Hollywood’s top second-unit directors for decades, is also one of the cinema’s most underappreciated handlers of action sequencesÑwhich will be apparent after enjoying North OF THE Border.43 minutes. Western