Nuremberg Trials, The

2958. THE NUREMBERG TRIALS (1947-U55R). As you watch this chilling and historically important World War II documentary, you will learn every last who, where and why of the Nuremberg trials. These were the famous and highly publicized hearings in which German war criminals were confronted with evidence of their atrocities and punished for their guilt. It opens in 1945, with a shattered German military laying down its arms in defeat. Some of the Nazi powerbrokers are captured. Others give themselves up. Still more prefer suicide. The surviving ones are put on trial in Nuremberg, now a city in ruin but “once the cradle of German fascism.” A narrator expresses in no uncertain terms that “the beast has been driven into the cage of the Nuremberg prison.” The film goes on to describe how the various war criminals set forth on “their last march, their march into the dark….” An international tribunal presided over the hearings. Their motives were not revenge. Rather, their purpose was to record for one and all (and for the sake of history) the specific nature of Nazi war atrocities; to determine who was to blame; and to ensure that those responsible received a just punishment. The film contains some startling and rare footage and is most unusual. Narrated in English. 58 minutes. Documentary