Occurance At Owl Creek Bridge, An

513. AN OCCURRENCE AT OWL CREEK BRIDGE (1962- France), with roger jacquet, ANNE CORNALY. Scripted and directed by ROBERT ENRICO. Based on a short story by AMBROSE BIERCE. This is quite simply one Of the most impressive and most famous-short films ever made. It’s a deceptively simple, visually stunning story with a devastating effect. What goes on in a man’s mind as he faces death? What are his thoughts, his feelings, his memories? His fantasies? What does a man do at such a time? Indeed, what can he do? The film opens with a quiet shot Of trees which is immediately contrasted with the sounds Of war, and the effect is instantly chilling. Its scenario tells Of a man who has been accused Of sabotage during the Civil War, and is about to be hanged. A noose is firmly placed around his neck, and his feet are tied together; what we see, and experience, are his final moments on the gallows. In telling the story, director Robert Enrico (who, for a decade, bad been directing short subjects for French television) creatively and cunningly manipulates the flow Of time. This deservedly earned Enrico international acclaim, and won an Academy Award as Best Live-Action Short Subject. In English, 29 minutes. Drama