Of Men And Music

2505. OF MEN and MUSIC (1950-USA). With ARTUR RUBINSTEIN, JAN PEERCE, NADINE CONNER, JASCHA HEIFETZ, DIMITRI MITROPOULOS and THE NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC. Classical music and opera aficionados will not want to miss this outstanding documentary which offers privileged looks into the lives of some of the 20th century’s most beloved interpreters of the world’s great music. The film consists of intimate studies of several performers. You will get to see them not just as musicians or singers, but as men and women, as human beings. First, you meet Artur Rubinstein, the internationally eminent concert pianist. He not only performs brilliantly, but offers revealing anecdotes about his life. You also are invited into his apartment, and get to meet his family. Next, Metropolitan Opera tenor Jan Peerce and soprano Nadine Conner put on a very special concert for a night watchman in an empty theater. There is a point to this section: Beautiful music is meant for all to enjoy, not just for those who can afford front row seats at Carnegie Hall. Jascha Heifetz is then introduced. He is described as “one of the great living masters of the violin,” and you get to see him do everything from sailing boats off the California coast to playing tennis and ping pong to painstakingly preparing for a concert tour. Finally, you are allowed to peek in on a rehearsal by the New York Philharmonic under maestro Dimitri Mitropoulos. As you watch these exceptional artists, you will be reminded that in centuries past, the lack of technology did not permit similar performers to be recorded for posterity. Today, celluloid and tape make this passible so that future generations will not only get to listen to their music, but will also be able to watch them perform. 79 minutes. Music Documentary