Old Curiosity Shop, The

2957. THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP (1935-England). With HAY PETRIE. The Charles Dickens classic translates to the screen quite nicely in this well-appointed adaptation. The star of the show most definitely is Hay Petrie, a British character actor. He offers an over-the-top performance as Mr. Quilp, a greedy and sniveling dwarf who makes Ebenezer Scrooge seem like a pantywaist. Quilp also is a moneylender and landlord. One of his tenants is Old Trent, an aged gambler who runs a curiosity shop with his sweet and innocent granddaughter Little Nell. Quilp brutalizes his wife and orders her about like a slave. However, he clearly lusts after Little Nell. He, in fact, tells her that in five years she will be just the perfect age for him! By that time, Quilp is certain that Old Trent will be dead and out of his way. To ensure this, he threatens to foreclose on the mortgage of the curiosity shop and cast Old Trent into the street. Meanwhile, Old Trent’s long lost brother returns to England after a forty-year absence. He has brought with him the fortune he has made, which he wishes to share with Little Nell. This ironic and timeless story of evil, avarice and sacrifice has many plot twists. It’s a film that does a timeless story justice. 95 minutes. Drama