Old Swimmin’ Hole, The

121. THE OLD SWIMMIN’ HOLE (1940-usa). With marcia mae jones, jackie moran, LEATRICE JOY. Warm, moving family drama, evoking the simple values and joys Of small-town life in the good old days. Teenage boys spend their time trout fishing, meeting at their secret clubhouse, and diving into the old swimmin’ hole. One Of them, Chris, an admirable young man, dreams Of becoming a dedicated doctor, and practices by patching up sick, defenseless little animals. His mom, a widow, struggles to make ends meet, and to help her son realize his dreams. Chris falls in love with a new girl in town, who’s come to live with her divorced father-a noble country doctor who cares more for people than for money, and who actually rushes out to make house calls. Chris idolizes the old doctor, and he and the girl devote most Of their energies to bringing their parents together in marriage. Enter the villain: a lawyer sent by Chris’ evil millionaire grandfather, who schemes to snatch Chris away from mom and have him brought up “properly.” Turn back the clock and journey to a world the likes Of which we will not see again. 74 minutes. Family Drama