Omoo-Omoo The Shark God

2249. OMOO-OMOO THE SHARK GOD (1949-usA). With ron randell. Based on the novel by HERMAN MELVILLE. Here is an action-packed South Seas tale of human misery caused by the while man’s greed and the native’s belief of superstition. As the schooner Julia sails from San Francisco to a small island off the coast of Sumatra called Taviti, Captain Roger Guy writhes in pain in his bunk. As the story unfolds, it is learned that the captain suffers because be broke a native taboo while in Taviti a year earlier. He stole two gigantic black pearls from the eyes of the Shark god, blinding the stone deity and rendering it unable to discern good from evil. Since this horrendous act, the Omoo people have had no rain and no sons have been born to the tribe. Guy’s only hope for escaping Taviti necessitated his leaving the pearls hidden on the island. Now he is returning there in the company of his beautiful daughter Julia to claim his ill-gotten booty. Also on board are crewman Jeff Garland, who loves Julie, and the mysterious native stowaway Tembo. If the old adage is true that pearls can mean bad luck, the arrival of the Julia on the shores of Taviti surely will lead to big trouble for the evil-minded members of the crew. What follows is a thrilling tale of violence and murder, love and lust, as the secret of the hidden pearls is unraveled. Be sure to watch for an ingeniously conceived battle between an octopus and moray eel and a heart-slopping fight between two lions. 58 minutes. Adventure