One Touch Of Venus

2139. ONE TOUCH OF VENUS (1946-USA). With ROBERT WALKER, AVA GARDNER, DICK HAYMES, EVE ARDEN, TOM CONWAY, OLGA SAN JUAN. A winning adaptation of the stylish and witty S.J. PERELMAN-OGDEN NASH-Kurt Weill hit stage musical which is a deft union of comedy, music and fantasy. The hero is Eddie Hatch, a nervous nellie employed as a lowly window dresser at Savory’s Department Store. Eddie is neither famous, wealthy nor particularly bright. He considers himself just a “dependable, respectable citizen.” One evening Eddie has to work late to fix the drapes surrounding the latest acquisition of his boss, the gruff Mr, Savory: a $200,000 statue of Venus of Anatolia which is to be on display in the store. After downing a glass of champagne being served at a reception for its unveiling, Eddie casually kisses the statue and remarks, “Golly, you’re beautiful.” Before you can bjink your eyes, the statue comes to life in the person of sexy Ava Gardner! Poor Eddie. What once was cold marble now is flesh and blood and beautiful. This “miracle” will cause him no small amount of trouble with his boss and girlfriend, among others. At the same time it is sure to have an intoxicating effect on Eddie. There is plenty of comedy and charm on display here, The always delightful Eve Arden is on hand with her patented comical quips playing the role of Savory’s executive secretary. As for Ava Gardner, well, she can only be described in a word: adorable. 80 minutes. Musical Comedy