Open City

729. OPEN CITY (1946-Italy). With ALDO FABRIZI, ANNA MAGNANI. Directed by ROBERTO ROSSELL1NI, scenario and dialogue by S. MIDI and FEDER1CO FELLINI. The start Of the postwar “Neo-Realist” cinema. An ultra- realistic portrayal Of life in the conquered city Of Rome. Shot in the streets and decrepit apartments Of the depressing cityscape he saw around him, Rossellini used the squalor to tell the story. The superb performances Of Fabrizi and Magnani are astonishingly aided by a mostly non-prOfessional cast. The young Fellini adapted a true story Of the search for and eventual capture Of an underground leader by the Nazis. A priest courageously aids in the struggle against oppression. The significance Of the film transcends the individual plot element however, and is seen today as an imporÂtant statement Of character by the Italian people. A milestone effort, “Open City” not only started a whole new genre Of film and inspired a new generation Of filmmakers in Italy, but made the world aware Of the Italian cinema. Highly recommended. In Italian with English subtitles. 102 minutes Drama