Open Switch, The

3024. THE OPEN SWITCH (1926-USA). With HELEN HOLMES, JACK PERRIN. Express Package No. 171 has mysteriously disappeared from an Overland Limited railway train as it passed through Iron Junction. George Waters, the Limited’s much put-upon superintendent, is doing all in his power to retrieve the package, in fact, he even has offered a $1,000 reward for its recovery. Nevertheless, an insurance investigator demands that Waters either “get action” immediately or “get out,” adding that “someone must come through.” Is that “someone” destined to be Helen Waters, the superintendent’s spirited daughter? Helen remains fiercely loyal to and protective of her father and is eager to step into the spotlight and assist him. The elder Waters assures his daughter that help is on the way in the person of Daniel Lonergan. He is a special investigator who has been assigned to recover the package. Neither Helen nor her father can possibly know that Daniel has been overpowered by dastardly Jim McGuire and his gang of hoodlums. McGuire has read a confidential report he found in Daniel’s possession, in which there is essential information regarding the fate of the missing package. McGuire takes on Lonergan’s identity and arrives in Iron Junction claiming to be the investigator. That’s when the action goes into high-gear in this thrill-a-minute adventure featuring hugely popular serial star Helen Holmes cavorting athletically in the role of Helen Waters. “Silent” film with music score. 50 minutes. “Silent” Railroad Drama