Origins Of Cinema: Volume IV

2169. THE ORIGINS OF CINEMA VOLUME IV: THE ARRIVAL OF D.W. GRIFFITH (1908 to 1912-USA). One of the great directors, these are films of his first year at American Mutoseope and Biograph. “Balked At The Altar” (1908) Griffith’s thirteenth film. “Faithful” (1910) with Mack Sennett, filmed on the West Coast in a place called “Hollywood.” “A Dash Through The Clouds” (1912), “Calamitous Elopement (1908). Said to be one of ten films made within one month by Griffith, he appears on camera (as does his future wife Linda Arvidson). “Where Breakers Roar” (1908), “An Awful Moment” (1908), “The Cord Of Life” (1909) Note the film company’s logo painted on the set walls to prevent piracy! “The Girls and Daddy” {1909) Unedited, as it came out of the camera (no music). “The Girls and Daddy” (1909) As edited by Griffith. A rare chance to see how he assembled the story. This film contains elements Griffith would use again in “Broken Blossoms” and “Sisters Of The Storm” (two girls who look just like the Gish sisters) “Golden Louis” (1909), “At The Altar” (1909), “Fools Of Fate (1909). “Silent” films with music. 102 minutes total. D.W. Griffith