Orphan Boy Of Vienna, An

264. AN ORPHAN BOY Of VIENNA (1937-Austria). With THE VIENNA CHOIR BOYS, cute children in Tyrolean costumes, singing lilting melodies amid meadows Of edelweiss and the splendor Of snow-capped Austrian Alps; a spirited, unconventional nun named Sister Maria, whose gentleness and love provide moments Of heartwarming emotion. “The Sound Of Music”? Not exactly, but if you liked that film, you’ll probably be enchanted by this one. It’s the captivating story Of a sadly neglected orphan boy, whose spirits are considerably lifted by the fatherly friendship Of a penniless street singer. The two perform together, until the boy is fortunate enough to be accepted by a prestigious music school (the students Of which are played by the Vienna Choir Boys). There he finds the maternal love he’s lacked, in the person Of sweet Sister Maria. Melodramatic complications follow: when Maria’s money is missing, the boy is unfairly blamed. Deeply hurt, he runs away, and almost drowns. But in a stirring climax-highlighted by the spectacle Of a procession moving through the streets and among the picturesque hills; and by the inspiring sounds Of the boys’ choir-our little hero miraculously recovers. Well-done drama, comedy and music add up to family entertainment Of a most distinctive kind. In German with English subtitles. 87 minutes. Musical