Outer Gate, The

2835. THE OUTER GATE (1937-USA). With RALPH MORGAN, KAY LINAKER, BEN ALEXANDER. Lois Borden is pleased that her father, John has invited Bob Terry to dinner. Bob is one of the brightest young men employed at the Borden construction company. Bob and Mr. Borden begin the evening by discussing business. It seems that Bob has devised what he describes as “a pretty radical departure in modern home construction.” Mr. Borden is indeed favorably impressed. However, he offers a dire warning to Bob as he explains why a fellow employee has just been fired for coming to work intoxicated. “He’s a very valuable man, but he broke one of the definite rules of the company,” Borden declares, “I believe that rules are made to be kept. According to my principles there is no second chance.” As John Borden explains this, you just know that Bob Terry’s promising career is fated to crash into a brick wall. This happens when it is discovered that his accounts are $5,000 short. Borden feels he has no choice, but to lurn Bob in to the police and charge him with embezzlement, Before you can blink, Bob Terry is locked away in the penitentiary with fifteen hard years on a chain gang ahead of him. Of course, Bob is innocent. How will this be proved? How will Bob’s plight uflimately affect John and Lois Borden? Lastly, how will this prison stretch effect this once-nice and honest young man? All of these questions will be answered as this provocative and absorbing drama plays itself out to its stirring conclusion. 63 minutes. Drama