Outside The Law

1198. 0UTSIDE THE LAW (1921-usa). With Lon Chaney, Priscilla dean, Ralph Lewis, wheeler oakman. Produced, written and directed by tod browning. Lon Chaney is featured in Outside the Law in a dual role. He is cast first as Black Mike Sylva, a vicious criminal who’s feared even by his own pals. Black Mike frames “Silent Madden” (Ralph Lewis), once mastermind Of the underworld, who has been slowly reforming under the influence Of Chang Lo, a Confucian who’s be loved and trusted by all. Madden is sent to prison and his daughter Molly (Priscilla Dean), a tough, cynical, cold-hearted dame known as the Silky Moll, spurns Chang Lo’s advice and agrees to take part in a jewel heist. However, she too is being set up by Black Mike. She learns this from one Of his cronies, and the two hatch a plan Of their own to outwit Black Mike. Chaney, who is wonderfully slimy as Black Mike, is also cast as Ah Wing, Chang Lo’s devoted servant. For years, this most exciting and entertaining drama was considered to be a lost film. More than 50 years after it was first released, a single 35 mm print was found. Its star, Priscilla Dean (who, by the way, was married to Wheeler Oakman) may be all but forgotten today; Chaney, who is a featured player here, would soon become a screen immortal. Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 113 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama