Pardon My Gun

2438. PARDON MY GUN (1930-USA). With GEORGE DURYEA, MONA RAY. This rare and remarkable early talkie is a real find. Not only is it a solid entertainment, but it also is one of the original musical Westerns. In addition, there is plenty of drama, comedy and romance. The hero is ranch foreman Ted Duncan, who has become sweet on the daughter of his new boss. Her name is Mary Martin, and she is as pretty as a Texas rose. The conflict comes in the form of the villainous Cooper, a nearby rancher who covets Mary. For several years, Cooper and Pa Martin have been staging horse races. In the upcoming competition, Ted will be representing the Martin spread, if he wins, he is planning to propose to Mary. This fact displeases the conniving Cooper, who schemes to sabotage Ted’s effort Mary’s sister Peggy also arrives on the scene after being away at school. She is played by a diminutive bundle of dynamite named Mona Ray, who immediately begins comically mugging and stopping the show with a zesty musical routine. For that matter, the film is loaded with seemingly nonstop vaudeville-style musical and comedy numbers (including an unbilled appearance by Abe Lyman and His Orchestra!). Leading man George Duryea enjoyed a lengthy screen career under three different names. A year after starring here, he became Tom Keene and top-lined additional Westerns. In 1944, he changed his billing yet again to Richard Powers and appeared in character roles. 63 minutes. Western