Parole, INC.

2111. PAROLE, INC. (1949-usa). WITH Michael o’shea, turhan bey, evelyn ankers, lyle TALBOT. This diverting crime melodrama “endeavors to acquaint the public with the growing menÂace Of unwisely given or fraudulently obtained paroles.” It tells the story Of Richard Hendricks, fedÂeral agent and all-around nice guy who sets out to inquire into this situation. For some unexplained reason, hardened criminals with no track records for good behavior behind bars are being granted paroles. Hendricks is the third such G-Man to attempt an investigation. The first ended up on a slab in the morgue. The second simply disappeared. At first Hendricks suspects that the problem stems from corruption within the state’s parole board system. He poses as a “parole violator” and goes undercover to explore his theory. This results in his coming into almost fatal contact with assorted thugs and lugs, shady lawyers and COLD-BLOODED-KILLERS NOT TO MENTION ONE DUPFICILOUS DAME. Caution: our print has a small but noticeable scratch throughout the film. 70 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense