Passion Of Joan Of Arc, The

459. THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC (1928-Franco). With Renee Falconetti. Directed by carl-theodore dreyer. The story of the trial and execution of the famous martyr. One of those films every serious student of the cinema has to see. Truly a masterpiece and one of the most unusual films ever made shot almost entirely in close-up and with the slow methodical pace of a grandfather clock licking in a silent ã and stiflingly hot room. In today’s terms, for the lover of film with clearness of head, depth of faith, and numbness of bottom, the film is nonetheless moving and emotional to a remarkable degree. Falconetii gives a devÂastating performance (that’s exactly the way Joan must have looked and acted!) and one wonders why she never made another film. English titles. Silent film with music score, correct projection speed. 120 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama