Phantom Express, The

1294. THE PHANTOM EXPRESS (1932-usA). With William collier, Jr., sally blane, j. Farrell MacDONALD, HOBART BOSWORTH. A nifty little nail biter that’s crammed from start to finish with train crashes, kidnappings, sabotage and other assorted mayhem. It seems that the Southwestern Pacific Railroad has been experiencing a series Of mysterious, devastating train wrecks. Most recently, one Of its modem, speedy trains is derailed over a curve as its veteran engineer, Smokey Nolan, vainly attempts to make an emergency stop. The conductor vehemently claims he saw another trainÑa “Phantom Express’-coming towards him, with its headlights bearing down upon him at top speed. Witnesses, though, testify that there was no other train. Clearly, someone’s out to sabotage the railroad. Its stock is dropping steadily, and Harrington, the company president, comes under severe pressure to sell his interest. However, his playboy son Bruce (William Collier, Jr.) goes undercover as “Brute Smith,” blue collar worker. He investigates, and also falls in love with Nolan’s pretty daughter (Sally Blanc). Surely the highlights Of the film are its climax, in which a train speeds across the countryside in a race against time, and a surprise finale revealing the secret Of The Phantom Express. 66 minutes. Adventure Drama