Playhouse 90

3150. PLAYHOUSE 90 (January 22, 1959-USA) CBS-TV net. “The Velvet Valley” by ROD SERLING. With ART CARNEY, JACK KLUGMAN, LESLIE NIELSEN, KATHERINE BARD, BONITA GRANVILLE, ALEXANDER SCOURBY. Sponsored by Kimberly-Clark, Gas Association. No wonder Rod Serling won all those Emmy awards! The man ready knew how to write a tight, emotional, involving drama. Add an all-star cast and you have television entertainment that was truly from Lhe “Golden Age.” A struggling writer, who can barely keep up with the payments on his typewriter, has earned nothing but rejection slips. His friend and agent Max finally gets his script sold to a Hollywood TV series. Fame and fortune follow shortly thereafter, but so does a break with his only friend, a separation from his wife and a long absence from his father. The story is so well written, that it’s fascinating to watch even when you know what’s coming. Note the lavish sets, outdoors Brooklyn in a snowstorm, a huge TV studio, a California mansion with a swimming poor. Playhouse 90 certainly could do it right. Also keep your eye open for a young BURT REYNOLDS, two years before his first film. Recommended. 88 minutes. Live TV Drama