Pride Of The Clan, The

2196. THE PRIDE OF THE CLAN (1916-usa). WITH mary pickford, matt moore. Directed by MAURICE TOURNEUR. “America’s Sweetheart” offers a commanding performance in this profound and deeply moving drama. She stars as young Marget MacTavish, whose father is the head of a clan on the Isle of Killeen off the Scottish coast One dark night his ship is pounded to pieces by the surf just as it approaches Killeen’s fishing village. Marget watches in horror as the vesÂsel sinks. Despite her deep sorrow, she must heed the call of duty and become the chieftain of Clan MacTavish. At the same time Marget is courted by local fisherman Jamie Campbell. They share their dreams. He asks for her hand in marriage. She accepts. However, trouble comes when Jamie’s mother makes a shocking confession. It seems that Jamie is not her real son. She was his nurse, and years before had claimed he had died so that she could raise him. “I loved your son Jamie too much to part with him,” she writes Countess Dunstable, Jamie’s real mother. The countÂess and her second husband soon arrive in Killeen and plan to bring Jamie back to London. Is there any hope that Marget and Jamie will be able to share their future? How will her role as Clan chiefÂtain impact on all of this? The film is exquisitely directed by Maurice Tourneur. His stunning and starkly lit shots of the cramped houses in Killeen’s fishing village and the rough seas surrounding the island are so vivid that the viewer is able to feel the harsh reality of everyday life there. “Silent” film with music score. 84 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Melodrama