Prison Train

1229. PRISON TRAIN (1938-USA). With FRED KEATING, LINDA WINTERS, CLARENCE MUSE. This is the story of Frankie Terris (Fred Keating), a ruthless, cynical hood. At the end of Prohibition, with no more bootleg gin to peddle, Terris has become the kingpin of the local numbers racket. His downfall commences when he accidently kills the son of one of his rivals, who had gotten fresh with his beloved kid sister. He’s sentenced to do his time at Alcatraz, and he travels cross-country with other prisoners aboard a train. What follows is a neatly paced, exceptionally well-photographed chronicle of suspense and intrigue, as the deceased’s father plots to avenge his boy’s death by doing away with Terris before he can begin his stretch on The Rock. Clarence Muse, the respected black actor, who was 90 years old when he passed away in 1979, steals every scene he’s in, with his slick performance as a waiter aboard the train. He plays an integral role in the scenario. 63 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense