2151. PROBATION (1932-USA). With SALLY BLANK, JOHN DARROW, J. FARRELL MacDONALD, CLARA KIMBALL YOUNG, BETTY GRABLE. Janet is a wealthy New York City society girl who is weary Of the frivolity Of those in her superficial social set. Indeed, she is bored with life itself. “You don’t know the meaning Of the word trouble” counsels her wise Uncle George. “Your problems in life are insignificant.” Uncle George happens to be a judge. To prove his point, he takes Janet to night court where he is presiding so that she may observe first-hand how the other half lives. One Of those coming before Uncle George is Nick, an unemployed working class lad up from Kentucky who has nearly beaten a man to death for coming on to his underage sister. Nick ends up paroled into the cusÂtody Of Janet, where he is to work as her chauffeur. What follows is an engrossing drama Of clashing cultures and backgrounds, coincidences and interweaving personalities. There is excellent chemistry between the actors playing Janet and Nick, Sally Blane (the sister Of Loretta Young) and John Darrow (who was to go on to become one Of Hollywood’s most eminent agents). Cast in a small role Of Nick’s sis is none other than a very young Betty Grable, billed last in the credits. 68 minutes. Drama