Quartermass II

2480. QUATERMASS II (Enemy From Space) (1957-England). With BRIAN DONLEVY. In this high-voltage sci-fi feature, Brian Donlevy offers a crackerjack performance as the eminent scientist Professor Quatermass. Quatermass is disgruntled over the government’s decision to stop funding his rocket and moon station projects. While driving alone late one night, he encounters a man whose face has been mutilated by a meteor-like rock. The professor brings part of the rock back to his laboratory for analysis. It turns out to be hollow and made of unearthly matter. The next day, Quatermass sets out to find more of the strange rock. While doing so, he discovers a huge development of tanks, pipes, towers and domes in a rural neighborhood. This top secret complex appears to be almost identical to his own planned station! Furthermore, he is aghast to learn that the development is an acclimatization station for unspeakably horrid alien creatures, manned by a growing army of infected human victims. Quatermass becomes determined to destroy the complex before the entire human race is infected. Science fiction afficionados will not want to miss this shocking and imaginative thriller. It definitely is an out-of-this-world treat! 84 minutes. Science Fiction