Queen Of Sheba, The

1717. THE QUEEN Of SHEBA (1953-ITALY). WITH gino cervi, leonora ruffo, gino IEUR1NI, MARINA BERTl. The time is 1000 B.C. and King Solomon (Gino Cervi, one Of Italy’s most popular actors Of the 1950s) wisely and justly rules the land Of Israel. Across the great Arabian Desert lies Sheba, soon to be lorded over by the legendary, beautiful and brave queen, Balkis (sexy Leonora Ruffo). A threat Of war exists between the two lands. This exciting, impressively mounted spectacle tells the story Of the Queen Of Sheba and Solomon’s hunk Of a son, Prince Rehoboam. Upon the instructions Of the king, Rehoboam bids farewell to his fiancŽe and makes his way to the land Of Sheba on a secret mission. Rehoboam and Balkis meet and promptly fall in love some might call it lust but there’s a hitch: she’s been condemned by a high priest to live a life without love or passion. Will Balkis be able to deny her feelings for the prince? What will she do when she learns his true identity? Among the highlights are an avalanche and battle sequences. The queen also gets to indulge herself in a gazelle milk bath, and an exotic dancer entertains her court in a most pleasing, eye-catching manner. Dubbed into English. 103 minutes. Drama