Queen Of The Amazons

2112. QUEEN Of THE AMAZONS (1947-usa). WITH Robert lowery, patricia morison, J. EDWARD BROMBERG. An exciting adventure tale with plenty Of visually arresting footage filmed on location throughout Africa and the Far East. The film opens in the Far Eastern country Of Akbar, which has lately been the site Of much tumult between natives and foreigners. A party Of Americans arrives on the scene. Its principal member is a tough, determined young woman named lean Preston. She and her companions have come to search for her fiancŽe, Greg Jones, who had mysteriÂously disappeared after leaving Akbar on a safari. The intrigue begins to mount as a sinister sahib curtly orders that Jean and her party be “detained.” A native girl approaches Jean, claiming to have information regarding her fiancŽeÕs fate, and just as quickly guns are fired from behind curtains to silence those with loose tongues. Jones’ trail eventually leads jean and company to Africa, where she links up with woman-hating guide Gary Lambert. They head deep into the jungle where there is danger all around…as well as from within. 61 minutes. Adventure.